Our Life Members

Life membership is awarded to members who have made a significant contribution to Venus Bay SLSC. This is the clubs’ way of thanking these members for their valued and much appreciated service, and acknowledging that their service has been instrumental in making Venus Bay SLSC the club it is today.

Our Constitution provides the requirements for nomination to life membership as follows.

Any member who has:

– rendered special service to the Association;

– become incapacitated in the course of their life saving duties; or

– completed a minimum of 10 years distinguished membership; and

– who on the recommendation of the Committee is elected a Life member by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members voting at a general meeting of the Association.

To nominate a member for life membership please contact the club secretary on secretary@vbslsc.org.au at least 2 months prior to the Annual General Meeting held in June.

Peter James Beasley

Mrs D Beincourt (dec)

Craig Bowers

Gwen Bowers

William Bowers (dec)

C Canterbury (dec)

Geoffrey Clarke MBE (dec)

Alan Coventry (dec)

David Cumming

Bas de Bondt

Kevin Duell

Brooke Gee

Kimberley Gee

Simon Gee

Victor Haasjes (dec)

Joe Harris (dec)

Lillian Harris (dec)

Paul Harris

John Lancaster

Allan Latto

Paul Marshall

Elise McCorriston

Marty McCorriston

Richard Mitchell

Buzz Reinwald (dec)

Joseph Robertson (dec)

Michael Robertson

Ken Schell

Julian Seri

Simonetta Seri

June Thwaites (dec)

Robert Thwaites

Tony van de Graaf (dec)

Brett Watson

Craig Watson

Ian Watson

Lyn Watson (dec)

Fred Westfield (dec)

Jan Westfield (dec)

Stewart Westfield