The Board and subcommittees have once again done a significant amount of preparation and we anticipate being able to operate through the season. This is of course subject to any LSV, DHHS or other statutory restrictions that may change or come in to effect. 

In the event that after you take out and pay for your membership for the season, the Club gets locked down again and the season or services are significantly curtailed, the Board will review the changes and may provide members with the option to either roll their membership over to the 2022/2023 season or treat their membership as a donation to the club for which you would be provided with a receipt for tax purposes 

Please note some important points about joining or renewing your membership for the season: 

◆ Members must join or renew their membership before signing up train, patrol or take part in any Club activities.

◆ Nipper enrolments close on 1st December to help with planning and allocation of age management and water safety resources.

◆ Any member of Venus Bay SLSC aged 18 years and over, who comes into “direct” contact with person’s under 18 years of age in any capacity is required to have a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC) registered to VBSLSC and Life Saving Victoria and must complete the SLSA child safe awareness course. A valid Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) is also acceptable. This includes all nipper parents.

◆ By applying for membership of the Club you acknowledge that you have read and accept our Constitution and Code of Conduct.

◆ Without full payment and provision of the required information, membership will not be processed  


In order to process each application we require:

✓ An application or renewal for each member through the SLSA Members Area

✓ Full payment of membership fee (including Levy for each child enrolling in Nippers)

✓ WWCC details if not already held by Club

There is a significant cost to run Venus Bay SLSC, to provide the beach patrols, the Nipper Program, social events and supporting infrastructure. This year we are again pleased to hold our fees at the same level as last year

If you have any further questions, please contact