What is the Preliminary Assessment?

Life Saving Victoria (LSV), has provided guidelines relating to Water Safety Personnel to Nipper ratios during all water based activities.

These ratios are based on the swimming ability of each individual Nipper. It is therefore mandatory that each Nipper complete the Preliminary Assessment and be signed off correctly with Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC) by their swim teacher. If NYC the nipper can still participate in all activities.

It is important to understand that this  Preliminary Assessment is simply designed to assist the Junior Co-ordinator, Water Safety Co-ordinator and Coaches ensure that the correct ratios are met at all times.

ALL Nippers must have this form completed as part of their registration, in order to participate in the Nipper water activities. 

Download the Nipper Swim Assessment Form

What is the Skills Evaluation?

Life Saving Victoria (LSV), has provided guidelines relating a Nipper’s ability to participate in Junior Carnivals. LSV dictate that certain skills MUST be demonstrated prior to a Nipper being able to participate in certain events.