1. How do we join?

  • If you are a renewing member, log in to the SLSA members portal, check details and renew

New profiles can be created in the portal if you do not already have one.

  • If you are a new member

This will then direct you to create a profile within the SLSA portal and pay membership dues.

2. What does it cost?

Family membership is $260 with an equipment levy of $10 for each nipper, ie a family with 3 nippers will cost $290.00.

3. When do we need to join by?

Membership renewals open October 1 and we wish for all members to be signed up by December 1. We may have limited space available for sign up at the first nipper session Dec 27. 

4. Where to from here?

At this time you will also need to download a swim assessment form

All nippers must have swim assessments, this is a mandatory requirement and has nothing to do with how well a child can swim- it is so ensure we offer the appropriate level of water safety. A child can not participate in any water based activity without a swim assessment.

Please complete this before December 10, we cannot confirm your child’s enrolment in the nipper program until this has been done and submitted to the nipper team.

Enrolment will then be confirmed by the nipper team.


4. When are the nipper sessions?

The club offers 8 nippers sessions from Dec 27 to Jan 10. Please see the club calendar

for full details.

5. Are there other requirements?

Nippers require identifying items of clothing- mandatory pink vests ($25), club caps ($10). Other optional items  are available for purchase on the club website, please try to purchase these before the start of the season.

6. What do we need for nippers sessions?

Please make sure children attending each session are wearing bathers, club lifesaving cap, pink vest, rash vest, broad brim sun hat and sunscreen applied. Children are signed into and out of their sessions each day, and their club lifesaving cap should only be on the child’s head after he/she has been signed in.

Children should have a bag with a towel, goggles, water bottle and optional wetsuit and jumper for colder days.


For any nipper related queries please

If you have any questions regarding membership please email