Member Communication – Requal and new awards



The easing of restrictions has meant we are also able to increase our maximum capacity for requal from 12 members to 25 members.  As a result we are running two sessions simultaneously on each day to decrease the number of overall sessions running from 10 to 5.  This in turn will decrease the number of hours assessors will have to volunteer to run these courses.  The new times are listed below:

Saturday November 28 10:30am ID#1380098 and 1:30am ID#1380839 will now be run at 12:30pm

Sunday November 29 10:30am ID#138112 and 1:30am ID#1380101 will now be run at 10:30am

Sunday December 27 10:00am ID#1383227 and 12:30pm ID#1383231 will now be run at 1:00pm

Monday December 28 10:30am ID#1386856 and 1:00pm ID#1386860 will now be run at 1:00pm

Spaces remain for the following dates:

November 29 ID#138112 and ID#1380101

December 27 ID#1383231

December 28 ID#1386856 and ID#1386860

Please enrol through lsv member training from anywhere:

Prior to requalification

  • Ensure you have booked a practical at lsv member training from anywhere by searching the ID codes listed for the particular date
  • Complete the online theory
  • Ensure you have paid and renewed your membership