The 2016/17 season saw a large group of core actives volunteer an enormous amount of patrol hours on the beach. A total of 6 active members patrolled over 100+ hours this season; Kiara Mcjames-Court, Harry Watson, Travis Rowden, Alisha Rowden, Daniela Lombardo and Sabrina Lombardo.

These members were invited to attend Life Saving Victoria's inaugural Valuing Volunteers Evening in July, 2017.  This evening coincided with National Volunteer Week and recognised members who have achieved 100 patrolling hours in the 2016/17 lifesaving season.

All 6 of these members who achieved over 100 hours are under 18 years of age.  Therefore a a big thank you to their families who assisted in the logistics of getting them to patrol each weekend. Alongside those members another 10 actives completed over 50+ hours of patrol, which is a fantastic achievement.  Congratulations to Elise McCorriston, Joshua Latto, Martin McCorriston, Stephen Duncan, Greta Curran, Heidi Woolf, Josh Kaye, Giulia Lytis, Simon Gee and Austin Timmins.