Surf Sports

Venus Bay can be a difficult beach to provide a safe environment for beachgoers and while this service will always be our priority, surf sports provides a fantastic avenue to hone the surf skills, fitness and friendship within our active members.

Both Senior and Nipper competition carnivals are held 6-7 times per season from December through to March and the venues vary each season.  Surf boat competitors may also compete in a number of Australian Surf Rower League events held over the summer season. While carnivals are always competitive they are also always very social and always provide an enjoyable experience for competitors and supporters alike.


Senior Summer Competition

Senior competitions run for qualified active members from U15 and up. Age groups for surf sports are determined by the age that you are, as at midnight on the 30th September at the beginning of the season.  Competition is offered in a number of different disciplines including beach events (flags, sprints & relays), water events (swim, board & ski), lifesaving events (R&R, Lifesaving/First-Aid and March Past) and surf boat rowing.


Venus Bay U23 Boat Crew 2014


Nipper Competition

Nipper carnivals are run for children from the U8 to U14 age groups and while competition is intrinsic, the focus is definitely on enjoyment and learning rather than winning.  Beach, swimming and board events are conducted in both individual and team formats. Nipper competition provides a fantastic basis for future lifesaving skills required when our young members join our beach patrols or become lifeguards.

Participation and fun are the priorities at Nipper carnivals


IRB Competition

 The IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) competition is conducted after the summer beach patrol season has concluded and ends with the Aussie Championships which are usually held in July each year. Most of the rescues conducted at Venus Bay involve IRB’s and this form of competition allows our members to develop required expertise.  Venus Bay has been very successful in this form of competition over past seasons and will be again in future seasons.

A Venus Bay IRB crew takes on the surf at an IRB carnival


How Do I Get Involved

If you are a Nipper, your age manager or the nipper coordinator will be able to provide you with all the information that you need and will help you to join in competition.

If you are a Cadet (U15), Junior (U17-U19) or Senior active member please contact Marty McCorriston on 0477 053 007 or