Venus Bay is one of Victoria’s most beautiful beaches with around 29 km of untouched coast line. It is also a great place for surfers, swimmers and beach goers. Although it can also be extremely dangerous especially to those whole are unfamiliar with the conditions. Due to the beach’s direct ocean frontage and loose sandy bottom the location and strength of rips, currents, sand bars and waves can change throughout the day and have been known to give little warning - putting swimmers in a vulnerable position. The surf is usually quite large and can be daunting to even experienced swimmers.

Our life savers are trained, experienced and have the right equipment to handle Venus Bay’s unique conditions, providing the safest possible environment for all beach goers. Our beach has an average of 23 rescues each year. Most of which occur outside the patrolled area. This is why we ask that you only enter the water between the red and yellow flags, as this will make our jobs easier and your life safer.  The flags will be located at beach 1 in the safest possible position. Patrolling hours can be found.

The club rooms are fitted out with a well maintained and newly refurbished first aid facility, which is utilised by our life savers during the peak summer period. We are able to provide the beach going public with medical aid from treating a basic cuts to resuscitation. The nearest hospitals from the beach are the Bass Coast Regional Health (Wonthaggi 39km) and Gippsland Southern Health Service (Leongatha 37km).